• 5 Tips for a Better Retirement In Ontario


    Thinking about retirement?  This article has a few different tips. The word ‘retirement’ can be exciting to some and give them the feeling of freedom. While to others it is a really scary word. In order to be not be afraid of this stage of life it is important to be prepared. Set goals, both […]

  • Anxiety Disorder Is Treatable Don’t Lose Hope!


    Hi, my name is Debra, Director of PCCS Mediators & Counsellors.  We are an Ontario Based firm with a professional and dedicated staff that provides mediation and counselling services in Peel, Halton, Dufferin and surrounding areas. This month’s article focuses on “6 Tips To Help You Manage Anxiety Disorder”.  Anxiety impacts your daily life.  The […]

  • SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder

      Many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) around this time of year. What exactly is SAD?According to the Mayo Clinic, Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs because “Sunlight enters the brain through the eyes, stimulating the production of a neurotransmitter serotonin that supports nerve cell functioning, including mood. Less light results in lower serotonin levels. Darkness […]

  • 4 Ways to Save $ When Separating

    Separation and Divorce can be a lot like Vegas! You can spend a fortune with the hopes that you’ll win, or make some good decisions and know when less is more. Here are a few ways to keep those assets in the bank. Financial Know How: You will need to produce your financial information in […]

  • Couple Counselling?

    Have you stopped communicating or is your communication angry and bitter?  Couples have stopped adequately communicating by the time they come to see our counsellors at PCCS Mediators & Counsellors. They have many unresolved issues that lead to arguments and increased resentment. Most often, each person feels that the other doesn’t care about them anymore. […]

  • Stress Management Tips

    Every day we find ourselves in situations that cause stress. Some days are better than others. Although controlled stress can be good, especially as we work towards our choices in life, uncontrolled chronic stress can be damaging to our wellbeing. Stress can be more damaging when we go through challenging times such as the loss […]

  • Common Law vs. Marriage: Is There Really a Difference?

    Common Law Vs. Marriage… When it comes to common law relationships, there are some important differences you need to be aware of. Here are three: Property Division Issues: these rules are different from married couples. Living together or co-habitating in a marriage- like relationship is often referred to as living “common-law”.  To separate as a […]

  • Family Business Mediation

    Family Businesses call us for our mediation, coaching or facilitation services because it can be very difficult to manage a business with family members.  There are relationship conflicts, communication issues, grudges and resentment, an underlying wish to be doing something else, high expectations, favouritism, productivity issues, and succession planning to do.  Family relationships are embedded […]