Life Coach

Life Coaching

Imagine for a minute that everything became a little bit easier and your dreams became reality.  You start the business you always wanted to run or you lose that stubborn weight…perhaps you take up the hobby you always put off or make more money doing what you really love to do…..

Imagine that you are able to turn your dreams into reality and at the same time find purpose in your life. What could be better than this!

So what separates you from your dreams and success?  Reach Your Potential by hiring a Life Coach.

Types of Life, Personal and Work Coaching that PCCS offers:

  • Life/Personal
  • Leadership
  • Executive
  • Management
  • Career Development
  • Team Development
  • Self-Awareness
  • Community Groups
  • Family Business
  • Succession Planning
  • Combination

Why Does a Person Hire a Life, Personal or Work Coach?

  • To set goals
  • To reach goals faster
  • To make significant change
  • To become more financially successful
  • To design and live their perfect life
  • To move ahead professionally
  • To make better decisions
  • To have someone in their corner to collaborate with
  • To improve relationships
  • To make an impact
  • To simplify their life
  • To deepen awareness, understanding and compassion
  • To reduce stress and tolerations
  • To live a life not bound by circumstances
  • To become better at what they do
  • To become a leader
  • To become an entrepreneur

What is Coaching?

Whether it be your desire to reach personal life goals or workplace goals, Coaching is a partnership between coach and client. It is a relationship-centred approach where both action and learning occur for the sake of what the client wants, needs and desires in order to achieve success. The coaches job is to work collaboratively with the client in a thought provoking and challenging yet supportive manner that has the client move closer to the goals they have set for themselves in their professional and personal life. In today’s demanding environment, learning and development are critical to success. Coaching is a practical and cost-effective means to develop yourself, employees, or any level of an organization. Make your dreams become reality!

Are You Ready For Coaching?

You are encouraged to think about these questions. If you can answer “yes” to 7 out of 10 of the questions, you are ready for the commitment it takes for a successful coaching experience.

1. I am willing to make the coaching process an investment in myself.

2. I am ready to do the work necessary to get me where I want to be.  I am open and ready to be coached.

3. I am willing to change any self-defeating behaviors that are creating barriers to my success.

4. I accept responsibility for my actions and will not expect the Coach to “fix” me, because I know I’m the only one who can make it happen.

5. I view coaching as a worthwhile investment in me, not an expense, and I will not allow finances to be a barrier to coaching.

6. I am willing and able to be completely truthful with my Coach, and I’m ready to hear the truth from my Coach even if it’s uncomfortable at first.

7. Coaching is the appropriate process for the changes I want to make. (As opposed to therapy or a 12-step program.)

8. I am able to commit the time needed to make and keep scheduled coaching appointments, to do the field work that my Coach asks of me and record my successes.

9. I’m open to trying new things when my Coach asks me. Even if they aren’t completely comfortable or I’m not convinced they will make a difference.

10. I am willing to be responsible enough to speak up anytime when I am not experiencing safety or feel that I am not being heard.

Next steps: 
Congratulations if you said “yes” to 7 out of 10. You are ready to commit and invest in yourself. Give us a call at 905.567-.8858 or 1.866.506.PCCS (7227) or email to set up your coaching consultation!