Mediation Internships

Mediation Internships

Applying to OAFM accreditation as a family mediator and need to complete five cases and 100 hours? We will supervise your internship and provide you with feedback as to how you can improve your skills as a family mediator.

The internship is a structured process whereby you practice your skills as a mediator with actual cases, supervision and evaluation. Ms. Rodrigues developed an evaluation process for interns that was presented at Family Mediation Canada. She has supervised many interns since the mid-nineties and they lead successful practices as a result. PCCS offers a variety of experiences with role modeling/practice in both parenting plans and financial plans. We have three mediation supervisors and can take three interns at any given time.

Our internships are based upon the Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM) model of accreditation. To see all requirements, visit

On another note, when accreditation is not the goal but skill development is, we offer mediation cases for interns to use to develop these skills while under supervision of a highly experienced family mediator.

The fee is $4500 (plus HST) in total. This includes supervision for preparation, mediating, debriefing, and reports.  Please forward your inquiry with your C.V. to