Separation/Divorce Mediation

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Parenting Plans, Financial Mediation for Separation & Divorce

Divorce with Dignity!

Use our Separation and Divorce Mediation Services:

  • parenting plan (custody and access issues) mediation
  • child and/or spousal support mediation
  • possession of the matrimonial home mediation
  • division of property mediation
  • changes to an existing agreement or court order mediation
  • additions to an existing agreement or court order mediation

Why Use Separation & Divorce Mediation?

Both parties are usually dissatisfied with the results of a court battle or using just lawyers to resolve their issues. They spend a fortune on the process, and end up with entrenched conflict. Whether you are common law partners, married, with or without children, we can assist you to reach a mutually satisfying agreement through separation & divorce mediation so that you can move forward to rebuild your life.

Without Children?

Without children, you would focus on resolving your financial issues (assets, liabilities, etc.) and anything else you want to mediate.  Both parties participate and determine the outcome.

With Children?

If you have children, on-going parental conflict is the most damaging result of separation for children. Separation & Divorce Mediation can help you focus on your children’s needs and improve your parenting relationship over time. Most parents who have gone through the separation & divorce mediation process report that it assisted them in keeping the conflict down and everything became much more manageable once they had something in writing they could follow. This is very important given your co-parenting relationship never ends when children are involved.

In Separation & Divorce Mediation, our highly experienced mediator works with the parents to help them sort out their parenting plan for the children including:

  • how you will make major decisions about your children
  • how you will share time with them
  • how you will arrange for your children’s support

Accredited and Highly Experienced Family Mediators

Our accredited separation and divorce mediators have completed thousands of cases to date.  Their expertise as separation & divorce mediators with many years experience allows your mediation to go faster, smoother, and therefore typically costs less money than other separation or divorce mediation.  We know how to get to the heart of the matter and help you determine appropriate options that meet your combined needs.

We receive referrals from past clients, therapists, doctors, lawyers and work in Court where Judges have applauded our divorce & separation mediation services.

We have been mediating divorce & separations since 1994!

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