Voice of Child Reports

Voice of the Child Reports

Obtain a Voice of the Child Report to assist you in settling your case.  

Debra Rodrigues, who developed and teaches the Voice of the Child: 12 Step Voice of the Child Reports in Family Dispute Resolution for professionals, offers Voice of the Child Reports for mediators, arbitrators, collaborative lawyers, family lawyers, parenting coordinators, and Children’s Aid Societies.  

Parents who provide consent can expect that each child would be seen independently twice.  The information provided to the parents is information the child is comfortable sharing.  

Why obtain the Voice of the Child Report?

Having the Voice of the Child Report to resolve your family matter can offset one parent’s claims against the other with regard to the children.  They are particularly useful for cases where a parent is moving out of the area, the parents disagree about custody and access, or to understand the child’s wishes and preferences.  The Voice of the Child Report may be the step you take before having a lengthy custody and access assessment completed (Section 30 assessment or OCL Section 112) or a lengthy court battle.

The conclusion from the literature is that children want to have a voice but not make the decisions about custody or access. As well, children have the right to be heard as part of the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child, ratified by Canada (Article 12). 

We have a duty to ensure that children’s voices are heard when important decisions are made about their lives. Yet, involving children in family law decision-making can be a complex exercise and must be approached with great sensitivity and care.  You only want someone with experience and training to do this work with your family.


The cost includes an intake session with each parent, and two meetings with each child and the report.  You paid by the hour (retainer not required).  

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