Workplace Services

Do we have to come to your office or will you come to ours?

  • We can service you in your office provided that our travel time is covered if it is over 10 km each way from our designated service provider.

How do we pay for the service? 

  • You can pay a retainer or via an invoice. We take visa and mastercard or we can send an invoice net 30 days.

Can I request multiple services? 

  • Yes. We have a variety of professionals and therefore can offer you multiple services. Our professionals are capable of multiple roles although please note we may or may not have the same professional provide two different roles for the same client. For example, the mediator may not also be a counsellor with the same participants as it would be a conflict of interest. However, an example of when we often are asked to provide dual roles are coaching and training, consulting and training, etc. If you have multiple services, we have multiple professionals so there is no need to be concerned.

Family Mediation

My husband and I are separating. How long does it take to get a mediation appointment? 

  • We move as quickly as you want to move along.  We usually book the client the same week as the call for the intake sessions as long as you have completed the telephone screening first.  We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

We have a complicated family matter to mediate. We are separating and my husband owns several businesses and I have a teacher’s pension although I retired early to look after my son.  We have three children, one who is in university and the other two are at home.  One has special needs because he is autistic. Do you mediate agreements with these complications? 

  • Absolutely.  Our accredited mediators are very experienced having completed thousands of mediations with high conflict and/or complicated matters.

Is mediation really less costly? 

  • Yes. Mediation is typically much less costly while more efficient and productive than other methods, and it helps keep the conflict down.


What happens if I don’t feel comfortable with the counsellor?  

  • We offer several counsellors in different locations. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable with your counsellor we can offer you a different one. However, keep in mind that being uncomfortable is not unusual when in counselling, especially to start. Sometimes it’s about revealing a sensitive topic or your resistance to change that is really the issue. Resistance needs to be processed as it can lead to breakthroughs.

What happens in the first counselling session?

  • The first session requires you complete a few forms to confirm your understanding of the service, confidentiality and fees.  The counsellor will then get to know you while you discuss your concerns and any background information.  The counsellor’s role is to ask questions that provoke your thoughts and feelings as you begin to explore your issues/goals in counselling.  At times you may feel slightly overwhelmed by your emotions.  This is often a result of the fact that you are now confronting your issues.  We encourage you to discuss these feelings with your counsellor.  Most of the time you will walk away feeling lighter, better, and focused.  Sometimes there is homework.

Can I get an appointment on a Saturday?

  • Yes. Our appointments are typically one hour in length during the day, evening or weekend.

Do you do anger management counselling?

  • Yes but not when there are criminal charges involved and you are doing anger management for Court purposes.

Can I get counselling online? 

  • Yes. We offer online, telephone and face to face services.

Is there a waiting list?

  • No. We typically get people booked in the same week because we have multiple counsellors and locations.