Fees, Payment, Insurance

Payment can be made by etransfer, Visa or Mastercard

Fees and Payment

All our services are very reasonably priced for the accredited/registered highly experienced professionals we offer and they are paid at the time of use (except workplace services which are paid via retainer or invoice).

For face to face counselling sessions just pay as you go.

For telephone and online counselling you can purchase as many hours of counselling as you wish and use them as you need in minimum half hour blocks. We do require that the times for telephone and online counselling are booked in advance, the same as you would if you were booking a face to face appointment. However, you have the convenience of being able to receive assistance from anywhere you want when there are transportation or time constraints.

For Family Mediation services fees are paid by the hour for sessions at the time of the session, including the report writing. As for Workplace Mediation, there is a contract with retainer and/or invoice.

For your convenience fees can be paid by CASH, eTRANSFER, MASTERCARD OR VISA. We do not take cheques or debit. We can also take your payment over the telephone with mastercard or visa. Our services have set fees and few require retainers.

Insurance Plan Coverage

Many companies offer extended health benefits coverage to their employees for social work or psychological services.  You can then claim expenses like counselling and mediation.  It is your responsibility to check your coverage if you intend to claim the fees.

Typically, you pay our counselling service provider for the session and she/he will give you a receipt to send in for reimbursement. The session fees are at the regular fee rate. If your insurer would like to be billed directly she/he can arrange to do it that way as well.

Fees paid for your sessions under registered psychological associate and registered social workers are eligible for medical expense claims as per Revenue Canada rules.   They are considered authorized medical practitioners by province or territory for the purposes of claiming medical expenses with your tax return. This includes Ontario.