Workplace Services

PCCS provides a number of services for workplaces.

Workplace Mediation

Mediation for Conflict/Dispute Resolution

Our Workplace Mediation services provide a prompt, discreet and cost effective remedy to workplace conflicts, disputes and disagreements.


Counselling for Employee Wellbeing

Don’t let personal issues interfere with work productivity. Should you or someone you know in your workplace need assistance, we can provide counselling.


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Facilitation to Enhance Communication

We can enable your group and/or organization to work more effectively; to collaborate and achieve your goals.


Workplace Coaching

Imagine for a minute that you could reach your professional or business goals with a clear vision.  Coaching is an excellent resource for those who want to grow and expand their awareness to capture the best life has to offer.


Workplace Coaching

Employee Recognition Solutions Consulting

Employee Recognition Solutions Consulting is the practice of helping organizations improve their performance and profits by developing an employee recognition program that motivates employees to do the activities you want them to do.  We assist you in assessing what kind of employee recogntion solution is best for your organization and how to improve your employees commitment.

Speak to Rick Clarke at Carlton regarding employee recognition solutions and platforms:


Training Programs for the Workplace

Our training programs can be delivered in lunch and learns, half-day and full-day face to face training formats. Availability depends upon the availability of the trainer.


Workplace Training

Employee Assistance Programs

Employers who promote workplace health and well-being, as well as employee recognition programs, tend to attract and retain good employees, and appeal to the so-called “top talent” for which they often compete.  We offer not only Employee Recognition and Wellbeing Consulting, but also Employee Assistance in relation to counselling and mediation.