Training Programs for the Workplace

Workplace Training

  • THE ART OF MEANINGFUL RECOGNITION™ – This training is designed to provide companies/organizations with management level training on the Art of Meaningful Recognition. You do not have to be an artist to learn how to provide meaningful and therefore effective recognition to your employees. It is a well-known fact that when employees feel genuinely appreciated and recognized they tend to be more loyal and productive. When they are more loyal and productive, you see increased profit. This training is necessary for any company/organization planning to implement an effective recognition program.
  • LAW OF ATTRACTION ACTION™ – Learn, Live and Act on the Law of Attraction! Determine your company/organization’s goals, develop a vision, and learn how the law of attraction can help you be successful. The more you focus on what you want (goals), the more likely you will achieve them. The key is having everyone on the same page and focused!
  • TOP 3 COACHING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS AND HUMAN RESOURCES™ – Listening, asking powerful questions and holding accountability are key skills for any manager or HR professional. In this one day workshop, learn how to use these skills in a coach-like manner for the sake of the individual, the team and the organization.
  • GOING BEYOND “THANK YOU” – The Power of Acknowledgement™ – In this half day workshop, you will take away practical skills on how to move beyond a simple “thank you” to deep acknowledgement of another person’s contribution by personally experiencing the value of acknowledgement. If you don’t know what to say or if “thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough, then this workshop is for you.
  • FINDING PERSPECTIVE AND CHOICE IN YOUR LIFE™ – Stuck in a rutt? Feel limited? Well, this workshop will explore all the perspectives that lie before you. It will open you up to new ways of looking at the same old scenario and find renewed passion and desire.
  • THE GENERATION GAP – Did you know for the first time in history, there are four generations working side by side? This is causing unique challenges to managers and HR professionals because each generation has a unique expression of their values, wants and expectations from a workplace. In this half day training, we will discuss the generational gap and how to best utilize them for organizational success.
  • COACHING WEBINAR – Wondering what coaching is and how it works? Coaching adds value! In this training, you will be able to have all your questions asked and answered on coaching by a seasoned and professional life/business coach.
  • CULTURAL SENSITIVITY – We live in a culturally rich and diverse society. However, differences can sometimes cause conflict and concern, especially in the work place. Instead of simply co-existing, learn to appreciate others. This seminar aims to teach awareness and principles to consider when dealing with cultural sensitivity. The aim is to celebrate the differences and appreciate the uniqueness we all bring, while cultivating a friendly environment that invites individuals to freely express themselves.
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT – Learning to deal with stress in the workplace and at home is one of the key skills to acquire for the modern worker. Attendees of this seminar will come away with skills to deal with stress and to manage multiple demands, while maintaining compassion for self and others.
  • BECOMING A PERSON OF POSITIVE INFLUENCE™ – We all face challenge, change and stress in our lives and our work place is no exception to the rule. However, we have more influence than we think. Our attitudes and values determine our action and influence on those around us. How are you using your influence? Do you want to become a person who does extraordinary things daily, that ordinary people only do occasionally? If you would like to make a more positive change in your life, and learn how to take control of your thoughts and actions to benefit yourself and others, then this seminar is for you.
    This workshop is about developing a compassionate workplace and therefore increasing productivity. Compassion motivates employees to work better together.  Compassion often translates into engagement and loyalty.  Let us help you develop compassion amongst your management and employees.
  • THE ART OF HAVING A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE™ – What is the formula for success? Clearly, as any one of the millions of successful people before you have said, the formula for success is to have a positive mental attitude. This workshop will teach the fundamentals that will help you to think positive thoughts and develop a positive mental attitude. The cost of this workshop is a small price to pay in comparison to all the good that your new positive mental attitude will bring to your life, both personally and in the workplace.
  • THE SECRET TO SUCCESS™ – Our professional trainers, with years of training and experience in helping others to become more successful, will help you too! If you want to achieve success, as defined by you, isn’t it time you learnt the success principals that others have used, that you can apply to each and every day of your life in order to realize your goals? Learn the success principals, that we have spent the last 20 years studying, in just one day!
  • ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING – Passive or aggressive? Learn to speak and behave in an assertive manner where you are respectful to others and most importantly convey respect for yourself. Assertiveness breeds understanding, resolution, and empowerment. It leaves room for creative and negotation. In this training, the participants learn to be more assertive and less passive or aggressive.
  • ANGER MANAGEMENT – Decrease disruptions, violence, and negative energy in the workplace. Anger is a normal healthy reaction except when people get stuck responding to life with residual anger, acting it out through inappropriate behaviors. In this training, employees learn to manage their anger in ways that maintain respect for others, and leave everyone feeling safe.
  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Reduce conflict in the workplace! If you knew how much conflict in the workplace is costing your organization, you would want your employees and/or managers to learn how to resolve it. This training involves learning ADR techniques with buy-in from the parties involved for more lasting results.

Our training programs can be delivered in lunch and learns, half-day and full-day face to face training formats. Availability depends upon the availability of the trainer.